Enthusiasm is the best human mood

Sounds like an early verdict yeah? Well I’m just 34 and single, yet I would be the undersigned authority for such a verdict.

So far I have been a massive socializer, met people of all strata from India & spent enough time listening to their ideas, future plans, opinions etc. What I learnt is, enthusiasm can be:

  1. A noticeable body language
  2. A state of mind
  3. Both

It’s a predictable failure if point number 2 is missing, or if enthusiasm is only present in the body language. They end up being educated fools, apart from the many other ways of being one.

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My face is always boring, it pretends to be unamused by everything in this world. Even if I crack the best joke in this world, my friends burst into laughter while I look at them as if I am the one who didn’t understand the joke. Not that I’m not having fun, but that’s how I have even more fun.  There was so much discipline thrust into me since my childhood, that now I refuse to allow my body language to be loud / comprehensive unless I am with my dorks.

Getting back to enthusiasm, I find it to be more of a mood. The most productive human mood. An inexplicable and extensively restless feeling, that should never go waste. Any project done without enthusiasm is bound to last shorter. If you feel enthusiastic about a topic, it’s the right time to chase it to find a result. If you fail, you won’t regret about not trying it. If you succeed, well you found some success!

  • Is it a startup you’d always want to own, with the conviction that you’d be the best at it even if it means selling candies?
  • Is it a long-pending decision you want to make & implement, but some fear / inhibition stops you?
  • Is it about switching careers, where you see yourself happier even if it means compromising on the compensation / salary you get now?
  • Is it about confessing your love?
  • Does it feel like the gate of your dreams is lying open, but something unknown is stopping you from entering it?
  • Is it the case about something you have planned in detail on every aspect like how-to / when / where / why  etc.? Some project already completed in your mind but not in reality? Something on which you spent a hell lot of me-time, but never pursued it?
  • Is it something you’ve been secretly boiling on the back-burner for long, but not yet materialized wondering if it is the right moment?

Repeat: If you feel enthusiastic about a topic, it’s the right time to chase it to find a result. If you fail, you won’t regret about not trying it. If you succeed, well you found some success!

Go do it. I recently quit carrying a to-do list in digital formats, I chose to remember it. The price I paid for this, is to reduce using my smart phone. Smart phones are so subjective, better to blindly reduce the usage.

Did the previous hour that passed by you, or the previous 24 hours you spent; have anything relevant that suggests that you’re inching towards one of your dreams / goals of future? If not, slow it down and do what you were supposed to do, or start planning on how to do it. And if possible, please don’t slow it down but chuck it off.

The motive behind writing this blog is, that we ought to prolong the periods of our enthusiasm until it materializes, or do it while we’re still enthusiastic about it. And the best blessing we have is, we can re-kindle the dead flames of some old enthusiasm and make it come alive again. The plans you had about life – As long as you breathe you can make it come true and age is no bar. Age is only a numeric calculation for Govt / Law related purposes. Otherwise there’s no difference between a teenager and a 50 year old person: Both have equal access to everything in this world and both are alive.

Ending all enthusiasm and surviving on zero enthusiasm, is as good as prematurely crawling towards mortality. Unless you’re consciously doing so.

Let me end this with one of my recent findings, after which I call myself Johnnyard Kipling (Johnson being my name).

  1. The snakes had poison to kill the whole jungle – yet it did not become the King of the Jungle.
  2. The buffaloes and rhinos had the best horns – yet..
  3. The cheetahs and the horses are the fastest, and have the best speed as well as power – yet…
  4. The elephants had size, mightiness and more brains – yet…
  5. The crocodiles had the largest & scariest mouths – yet…
  6. The wolves are said to have the most powerful teeth amongst all canines – yet..
  7. The lion did not need any of these – Yet it continues ruling the jungle. Not pride, but the willingness to be the first one who chases. Not power and speed, but to be the first one to notice an opportunity and run towards it. Not large teeth, but the willingness to cling the entire body on the buffalo till it stops running. Not large paws and sharp claws, but the willingness to use it on any terrain. Not a high-decibel growl, but the willingness to ignore those barking dogs.

8 Comments Add yours

  1. Elizabeth says:

    You actually inspired me to chase my dream. When you alerted me to broken links I learned how to fix them and to check the links I put in my posts. I became more enthusiastic about doing things right when I post. You taught me the value of putting in the work. I appreciate it so much!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s always a learning curve regardless of what we know we were or we are! 🙂 The guy next door changing his calendar every year is not enough for us to grow old in this world!


  2. oldpoet56 says:

    Wonderful article ma’am.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks dear.. Actually Windy ain’t my name.. Hello, I’m Johnson (thinks he is a wind-y / windy wolf) 😉


  3. The Millionaire's Digest says:

    Hey there, I’m K&L and I’ve acceoted your application to join our Millionaire’s Digest Team. I apologize for such a late reply, but I just wanted to let you know that I’ve sent you an invitation to your email! Thank you.



  4. Enthusiasm is really underrated – it makes a huge difference in so much of life!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. windywolfman says:

      How true… Without enthusiasm it’s as good as being the lead actress from that old movie ‘Married to the mob’.. 🙂 A part of the herd!

      Liked by 2 people

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