How Far Will You Go?

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With dollars in my dreams and pounds in my pockets, I sit by the window pane of an expensive flat in Rome, all alone. With pizza replacing the chappatis and pop music replacing holy chants, I walk by the already full streets of Maryland, all alone. With fingers replacing…

Vowels – Just 5 or more?

With thousands of English Coaching Centres in India alone, the world’s number 1 seeker of English Classes at Google is Sri Lanka, followed by India. With a market beyond a billion dollars, what is it all about?

Roadtrip in Oman

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Oh man! Oman is probably one of my favourite destinations ever! We rented a car, took a copy of a friend’s 4×4 guide to Oman and went off-roading to as many places as we could. Oman had everything- great roads, amazing views, ocean, mountains, desert, good trekking and some…

The Old Mansion on My Street

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I consider taking a walk, but then I remember I need my crutches. Not that I need the crutches. My leg is fine now. The break was clean; the cast inconvenient but a nice attention getter; the crutches cumbersome and ugly. I would have liked to have thrown the tall rigid…